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Book To Screenplay Service - Starts From $5000

We’ve joined together with the best of Hollywood’s IMDB-credited screenwriters to offer you a book to screenplay service at indie prices that will enable you to approach agents, producers, and studios.

How It Works

Click each stage of the process below to learn how this service works

Choose a Screenwriter

We send you a list of available IMDB credited Hollywood screenwriters, you choose your writer

IMDB credited talent from Hollywood

You can browse the credentials of our writers before choosing a talent to adapt your book into a Hollywood Standard screenplay.


Pay for your screenplay

Use our safe PayPal account to make it official

Once you choose your screenwriter, we will check their availability and get back to you with a schedule, contract, and invoice. Once you have paid we will send your book to the screenwriter ahead of your meeting, and they will read the book and make notes.

Meet your screenwriter

Meet on Skype or phone

Meet on Skype or phone

After around three weeks to allow for reading time, you will meet with your screenwriter on Skype, chat, or phone for up to one hour to explain your ideas for your screenplay, and for the screenwriter to discuss their ideas and notes with you in person.

Beat Sheet Delivery

The Movie Breakdown

Outline of your movie is created

Your screenwriter will identify the beginning, middle, and end of your movie — a breakdown of the main plot points, or “beats” in the story. This one-sheeter will be completed within one month after your meeting. You will then be offered a week’s pause in the process to give your notes and ideas for any tweaks to the movie outline before the script is drafted. Once approved, the writer will lock themselves away to write your movie.

Script Delivery

Draft is Ready!

Feature-length script is delivered

We will deliver the script to you in Hollywood Standard format in PDF ready to print off and send out after around two months. The script will be between 90 – 120 pages long, where one minute is one page. You will then have a two-three week reading period for you to fully study the script.

Script Polish

A Polished Screenplay Ready to Send Out

Tweaks and Feedback

Any detail or proofing error you see we will take on and give the script a polish ready for you to send out to agents, producers, and financiers. We will give you a quick lesson in how to approach professionals with your script, and how to bind and post a hard copy.
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