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Iain Hope

Author Iain Hope

Hope is a new author hailing from the British Midlands, a location that has markedly influenced his writing with some naturalistic Celtic, Nordic, and Saxon inclination to the setting. His background in academia has also lent itself well to the particular writing style, having a strong notion of the wider picture at all times in a slightly Tolkienesque way.

Dark Horde Rising


A thousand years have passed since the Elder Kingdoms were lost. Once the Elder races ruled all the northern lands and their knowledge and power were legend. What calamity befell them, none now know. Centuries on and the north is a land where fell beasts and evil creatures roam unchecked, save in one place, the Wildlands of Darylor. Here mankind has slowly begun to explore and settle where once the Elder ruled, and within those lands, built amidst the ruins of a lost Elder city, lies the College of Magic. Inside, mankind seeks to rediscover the lost magics of old, but in secret one man desires the power to rule all and will stop at nothing to achieve his dream.