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Move To Kwill

For published authors looking for a new home with 100% control and royalties
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If you are not happy with your publisher, or need to move to a new book page and ISBN on Amazon, look no further. For a small fee per book, we can set you up as a Kwill Author with a Kwill Books ISBN and barcode.

This offer is only open to authors currently published with small press or publishing houses looking to move to a new ISBN.

All you have to do is purchase a transfer below and we will send you:

  • A new ISBN registered to Kwill Books Publishing House, registering your book with Bowker as a published book
  • We will register your BISAC codes and keywords that will help you rank high in Amazon categories
  • We will update your print cover image for you with your new barcode and ISBN and a Kwill Books logo
  • Full instructions on how to change your Amazon book page
  • You will get an author page on Kwill Books, linking to all your book pages and author accounts. You can also blog on the Kwill Books site
  • We will work on a customized marketing plan, available on a pay-as-you go or inclusive deal purchase
  • Read “What We Do” for more info

The Kwill Promise

  1. At Kwill we do not take any royalties whatsoever from our authors
  2. You will never give us your bank details or credit card information as we use PayPal for all transactions
  3. We promote all Kwill authors across social media, all the time
  4. We offer marketing, review, design, video trailer, and editing services to all our transferred authors, available to purchase as you go whenever you would like to revamp your book
  5. We also offer an all-in-one package for those looking to launch a new book, or fully revamp a current book entirely. However, all of these services are available separately
  6. We believe that authors should be able to access professional book services from their publisher in line with their specific needs and ideas, and we will assist you in achieving your objectives
  7. Your point of contact will always be someone in our office at Kwill, and you will have unlimited support contact
  8. You will remain in full control of your Amazon Book Page at all times, with full support from Kwill
  9. If you wish to leave Kwill at any time in the future, you will retain your rights, ISBN, book page, and sales
  10. If Kwill Books stops operating for any reason, you will retain your rights, ISBN, book page, and sales

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Move To Kwill

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