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The Baum Indie Book Prize 2017 Announcements Page


baum book prize 2017We are proud to announce the winner of The Baum Book Prize 2017.

Armani Martel – Electric Order – WINNER

Electric Order is a story where even when it rains the world bleeds colour. Paulo is a melancholic police detective, born in Angola but raised in Portugal. He is harassed by his partner to put more effort into catching Daniel—a person of suspect for a tobacco dealer’s murder and a threat status according to the Canadian Security Establishment of Canada. But stop now. Remember a moment in your life where you felt happiness or anger and a maniacal desire for love.

Brian O’Sullivan – The Folly of Sweeney – COMMENDED

A black comedy that follows a hapless man in an equally hapless situation as he navigates an ordinary day gone horribly awry.

Jason Luebbers – Zanesville, Ohio – COMMENDED

A creative telling of the zoo massacre in Zanesville, Ohio, from the animals’ points of view.

Finalists and winners will be notified within the next 48 hours with downloadable badges and vouchers for Kwill Books.

Thanks to all who entered.  You can download the BAUM PRIZE WINNERS AND ENTRANTS 2017 LIST HERE.

We are giving one talented author a specially created Kwill eBook Deal worth over $3000:

  • Kwill ISBN
    • You will become a published author registered with Kwill Books with an internationally-recognized ISBN
  • Kwill Editing
    • All Finalists win a content edit and notes on how to improve their book
    • Prize Winner gets a professional proofread for errors before publication
  • Kwill Format
    • We will format your book to .mobi format for Amazon KDP upload
  • Kwill Book Cover Design
    • An original book cover designed for your ebook including licensing for images and fonts
    • A 3D book cover to showcase your design
  • Kwill Marketing Promotions
    • A SPR BestSeller Promotion of 100 sales of your book, Top #10 Amazon Ranking in category, and 25 Amazon Verified Customer Reviews
    • An SPR Lead Story Review worth $299 for your Amazon Editorial Reviews section with 47,000 readers
    • Keyword and category optimization
    • Social Media campaign to over 40,000 followers who like books
  • Kwill Book Trailer
    • A one-minute book trailer featuring your book artwork, music, and imagery hosted on the Kwill YouTube page shared on Kwill’s network

    How The Baum Prize Works

    Winner Announced

    The winner will be announced on October 15, 2017, and invited to discuss their book publication ideas directly with the Kwill Team and the book publishing process will begin.


    • Submissions of manuscripts not formatted in Word (.doc, .docx) will be disqualified. You can use OpenOffice or Google Docs if you cannot afford Word, which are free, and will produce a .docx file.
    • PDFs are not accepted as editing notes will be added for finalists in Word.
    • Gifted ebooks are not accepted.
    • Emailed submissions are not accepted. Submissions via our electronic and secure Dropbox system are the only accepted method.
    • Already-published books in their published form are not accepted. If you wish to re-publish a book, please send the manuscript only.
    • You can enter as many manuscripts as you like from the same author. A fee will be charged for each one as a separate entry.
    • Please make sure your manuscript is single-spaced with page numbers, and has your name as author on it.
    • Manuscripts should not contain any cover image or additional material whatsoever. Any other material will be discarded.
    • Manuscripts must be finished entirely when submitted.
    • No tracking or notes should be sent as part of the manuscript.
    • We do not accept hard copy manuscripts.
    • No refunds except in the case of accidental duplicate purchase.
    • The number of finalists will be dependent on the quality of entries.
    • No cash prize is substitution for the prize as listed.
    • Individual notes on unsuccessful entries cannot be given.
    • Winner must abide by the Winner Terms and Conditions.
    • Any unsuccessful entries will be deleted from our Dropbox on September 11, 2017.

    Baum Prize Winner Terms and Conditions

    1. We do not consider the use of artwork from the author’s source to be used in this deal for logistical and quality control purposes but we will engage the author with questions on preference etc.
    2. The author understands that Kwill operates as a publishing house, and therefore we will sometimes make decisions on material representing Kwill in the best interest of Kwill and the author jointly.
    3. All rights and copyright of the manuscript stay with the author at all times, in perpetuity, and will be registered as such by Kwill in the first weeks of contracting.
    4. This deal, however, is with the understanding that the author is to publish this work exclusively with Kwill during the period of service, i.e. the length of the agreement, of three months from publication on KDP Select.
    5. The Author must agree to the Terms of Service of Amazon KDP Select and must have the freedom to control a KDP Amazon account themselves with their own tax number and bank account. We do not administer payments for authors, and you will have full privacy and royalty control. We can however assist you in the setup of your account.
    6. We will never have access to your payment details.
    7. All rights and copyright of the book cover and artwork are held by Kwill, but with free use for the author in connection with the book registered to Kwill for all time, in perpetuity. Kwill reserves the right to use the cover artwork as a testimonial example in advertising its products and services. It is against Kwill’s terms of service for book cover artwork to be re-purposed for any other book other than the book registered with Kwill, or any other property, or resold by the author, except in connection with the promotion of the book contracted with Kwill.
    8. Your BestSeller results may be shown in connection with Kwill advertising and promotion.
    9. Books will be priced at $2.99 for promotional purposes. After your promo ends, you may choose a price.
    10. Your contract with Kwill Books is 3 months, during which you must stay exclusively with Amazon KDP Select.
    11. Your prize win will be advertised in a press release and online. You will need to supply us with an author photo for this publicity.
    12. We cannot offer feedback on individual books except finalists and the winner. The judges’ decision is final.
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