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Terms and Conditions

Kwill Revamp Deal
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The Kwill Revamp Service Contract starts when you have paid for the service and Kwill has confirmed receipt of your manuscript.

The author understands that Kwill operates as a publishing house, and therefore decisions made about material representing Kwill will be made in the best interest of Kwill and the author.

All rights and copyright of the manuscript stay with the author at all times, in perpetuity, and will be registered as such by Kwill in the first weeks of contracting. All documents will be sent to the author via email confirming this.

To maximize sales, the price of your ebook for the week working with Kwill’s marketing promotion will be priced under $2.99.

This deal is with the understanding that the author is to publish this work exclusively with Kwill during the period of service, i.e. the length of the agreement, of three months from publication on KDP.

The author must agree to the Terms of Service of Amazon KDP.

All rights and copyright of commissioned book cover designs and new artwork are held by Kwill, but with free use for the author in connection with the book registered to Kwill for all time, in perpetuity. Kwill reserves the right to use the cover artwork as a testimonial example in advertising its products and services. It is against Kwill’s terms of service for book cover artwork to be repurposed for any other book other than the book registered with Kwill, or any other property, or resold by the author, except in connection with the promotion of the book contracted with Kwill. This is because the licensing held for imagery and fonts extends only to the book cover created for this book as registered. If you wish to re-purpose your book artwork, please contact us so we can re-negotiate licensing for you. We may consider editing or the use of artwork from the author’s source to be used in this deal, but for logistical, licensing, and quality control purposes we will assess the existing material before agreement.

If you wish to remove Kwill’s name from materials, let us know so we can arrange transfer of licensing of imagery.

The screengrabs and charts showing marketing results may be shown in connection with Kwill advertising and promotion.

If for any reason your BestSeller Package does not get your book into the Top 25 list for at least one of your categories as added by Kwill, we will give you a refund via PayPal.

We cannot accept checks or BACS at this time. European clients will be subject to IVA/VAT at a reduced rate.