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  1. The process starts with your manuscript. Once we have assessed your manuscript for market and to make sure it fits with our book policy, we will edit your book. This is done in 2 stages of a line edit and a proofread with time for you to make changes.
  2. We design your book cover, write your book blurb, and format your ebook. You will get three design tweaks to choose from after filling out a questionnaire.
  3. We then set you up on Amazon KDP Select for the first three months of your campaign with a publisher’s Bowker ISBN – this entitles you to 100% royalties, plus more categories on Amazon, as you’re published with a publishing house. We also help you set up on Amazon Author Central, Facebook and Goodreads, so you have an author presence online. You will have a webpage on Kwill Books as one of our published authors.
  4. We assess your book for categories and keywords to ensure optimum visibility and sales on Amazon and help you add those to your book page to optimize exposure and sales.
  5. We market your book to get you at least 15 verified customer reviews and ranking on Amazon. We guarantee BestSeller status in the Top 20 of a competitive category.
  6. We will coordinate a professional review from SPR and help you add Editorial Reviews to your Amazon Book Page.
  7. After three months, you will be given the reins to continue into the world of extended distribution with Smashwords, print books, libraries, and more – or we can do it for you on your renewed contract with us for another year’s term with one of our print or distribution add-ons.


You want to publish with full control, but you don’t have the time or expertise to edit, format, and market your book yourself. You’re a writer, not a salesperson!

At Kwill we publish books using a method that mixes traditional publishing methods but we eliminate all overheads so that you can retain all royalties and rights over your book, and you’re published with an independent publishing house. You get the benefits a publishing house gives you over self-publishing, such as being able to register in Bowker as “published,”  but you get 100% of your royalties, and stay in control of your book’s career.  We will take care of  your book’s development and technical aspects of production, and all marketing and sales efforts, so you can concentrate on writing, not marketing, just like a traditional publishing model.

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